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Strongbox is an OpenSource artifact repository manager written in Java. We aim to provide an easy and reliable platform, for hosting your (binary) artifacts, regardless of your repository layout.


Directory browsing

We have two types of directory browsing implemented:

  • /browse - browsing via the user interface.
  • /api/browse - API endpoint which returns either JSON or very lightweight HTML directory listing.
Cron Tasks

We have various cron tasks available to automate almost anything like rebuilding metadata, emptying trash, etc.

  • Java implementation
  • Groovy implementation
Event handling
  • Log tailing
  • View logs without downloading
  • Configure log levels globally (and per package)
  • Download logs over HTTP
Repository types
  • Hosted
  • Proxy
  • Group (including repository ordering, routing rules and nested group repositories)
Layout providers
Supported tools
Search providers

Search providers offer a way to execute searches against different search engines. By default, searches are executed against OrientDB, unless a search provider has been specified. Click here for more details

  • HTTP Basic authentication
  • JWT authentication
  • LDAP
  • Custom authentication provider, based on users that stored in the second-level cache backed by OrientDB
  • Users are pre-defined in the etc/conf/strongbox-security-users.xml file

All of Strongbox's features are available via REST API end-points. You can customize a user's access to only allow specific end-points to be accessible.

  • Search for artifacts
  • Manage the server's core configuration
  • Manage repositories
  • Manage users
  • Manage logging
  • Manage cron tasks

We also have:

  • Automated generation of documentation using Swagger
  • Ready-to-use Java-based client(s) covering each REST command.


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Last update: 2020-12-07